How does the Cryo-Cleaner® process work?

The patented Cryo-Cleaner® process and equipment uses the science of cryogenics, the science of low-temperature phenomena. A full open top container with residue is placed into a Cryo-Cleaner® Chamber or Tunnel and taken to temperatures as low as minus 300 F. for several minutes by using liquid nitrogen (LIN).

The container is then removed from the Cryo-Cleaner® Chamber or Tunnel and either hit with a simple rubber mallet, pneumatic rubber mallet or a vibration system. The embrittled residues fall out of the container resulting in a clean container without the use of soap, solvents or water and further resulting in a pure residue that often can be recycled back into the user's manufacturing process or recycled into another product.

It is the combination of the difference between the contraction and/or expansion of the residue and the container through the use of cold temperatures that allows the embrittled residue to disbond from the container.