Our Company

Drumbeaters of America Inc. specializes in engineering and manufacturing systems for industrial companies to reduce the volume of waste products generated in manufacturing, to transform the waste products so that the waste products can be recycled, and to preferably totally eliminate all wastes.

Drumbeaters's customers include Fortune 500 manufacturers, U.S. military installations, various governmental agencies, and waste remediation contractors.

We are the world leader in design, manufacture and installation of complete Drum Disposal Systems: Drum Crushers, Drum Washers, Plastic Drum Saw Systems, Tote Washers and Portable drum disposal/recycle solutions. Our equipment and systems have been shipped to many parts of the world.

We build customized drum and container cleaning and disposal systems according to customer specifications and requirements. All our systems are designed for continous heavy duty services.

Drumbeaters is staffed with mechanical and electrical engineers and has a prototype fabrication and machine shop. Final assembly of all products and systems is performed at Drumbeaters's facility located in Elburn, Illinois, USA.

Contact our drum disposal specialists at (630)365-5527. We are an American company. We have Worldwide Distribution.

Our Clients