The Benefits of Cryo-Cleaner®

What are the benefits of a Cryo-Cleaner® system?

  • No Residue Contamination From The Cleaning Process: Residues are removed without any soaps, solvents or water. Therefore, a cryogenically removed residue is not contaminated with any cleaning solution. The pure residue can often be recycled back into the user’s manufacturing process or into another product. This results in the complete elimination of any waste or the need for special waste treatment or incineration. If the cryogenically removed residue is not recycled, the residue can economically be disposed of because the residue has not been contaminated by hazardous chemicals, water or other fluids and there is a smaller volume of residue to be processed and transported.

  • Clean Air: Because of the extreme cold temperatures used to remove residues, any high volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.'s) in residues cryogenically removed from a container are suppressed by the cold temperatures and not dispersed into the atmosphere. Therefore, no special ventilation equipment is required to recover the V.O.C.'s because the V.O.C.'s are suppressed.

  • Waste Stream Not Increase: Because no soaps, solvents, water or any other cleaning solutions are used to clean a container, the waste stream is not increased. When a company uses traditional cleaning solutions to clean containers, the volume of the material that must be disposed of is increased, i.e., you now have the removed residue co-mingled with the cleaning agent. The disposal problem has only been made worse. A company may now have a clean drum but must now dispose of or incinerate both the residue and the cleaning agent or else separate the residue from the cleaning agent in order to recycle the residue. Both of these alternatives are expensive. The Cryo-Cleaner® process does not increase the waste stream.

  • Worker Safety: Workers are not subjected to harmful conditions and fumes. As previously stated, V.O.C.'s are suppressed by the Cryo-Cleaner® process so the workers do not have to breathe dangerous fumes. Further, the workers are not placed in conditions where they may be splashed during the cleaning process or have to come in contact with the residues. The types of safety protection required for the Cryo-Cleaner® process are safety glasses, heavy duty gloves such as welder gloves and standard steel toe type work shoes.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Cryogenically cleaning containers with liquid nitrogen is the cleanest and most environmentally conforming system. Nitrogen constitutes four fifths of the air by volume making the Cryo-Cleaning® System a non-polluting process when the nitrogen escapes back into the atmosphere during the cleaning process. There is no contamination of the air, streams, rivers or the aquifer. You only have the pure residue removed from a container to dispose of or to recycle.

  • Non-Combustible & Non-Corrosive: Nitrogen is inert and therefore is not combustible or corrosive like other cleaning agents.

  • Recycle Containers: Drums and pails can be crushed and the crushed containers recycled or with a small amount of further remediation of a cryogenically cleaned container, a container can economically be reused. (Most labels can easily be removed as the result of the Cryo-Cleaner® process.)

Other economic benefits to consider

Cost of liquid nitrogen to operate a Cryo-Cleaner® System is not the only factor to consider. Other factors are as follows:

  • Worker Safety.

  • Environmentally safe process thereby elimination of pollution liability.

  • Small footprint for equipment operation and storage of equipment.

  • Reduced disposal costs if residues are not recycled.

  • Dollars earned from recycling containers for either reuse or the value of the steel and from recycling the pure residues.