What is Cryo-Cleaner®

Innovative patented system which cleans residues from containers without the use of soaps, solvents or water.

Clean metal or plastic containers without using soaps, solvents or water with our unique patented cryogenic cleaning system! Using the science of cryogenics, you can clean previously hard to handle products such as mastics, paints & resins (to name just a few) in an environmentally safe and economic fashion. Benefits include reduced plant operating costs, environmental compliance, a worker-friendly safe cleaning area, the ability to recycle residues for reuse and elimination of RCRA liability. Frozen plastic containers may also be smashed into small pieces for more economical disposal or recycling. By applying the science of cryogenics, we are able to provide companies an economical and efficient method to clean pails and drums.

This procedure results in not having to use solvents or other fluids to clean left over residues from containers and thereby reduces the volume of waste generated during the cleaning process.